Where It All Began

Tipu Sultan Party is a national party established on 12 June 2019. Party President Prof. Shaikh Sadeque is an educationist and social activist with other founding members steps up to register the party on July 2016 to make India super power dreamed by Hz. Tipu Sultan and processed documents with Election Commission of India 16 Aug 2018. Party's main motto is to serve nation truly and to aware people to contribute to strengthen the country with peace and harmony, moving on towards true nationalism. The purpose of Tipu Sultan Party is to make the country a superpower. the purpose of Tipu Sultan Party is making country super power in terms of economic and technological aspects. Tipu Sultan Party works to develop country's education system Tipu Sultan Party will work on making the country alcohol, drug-free Tipu Sultan Party want to create casteism free atmosphere in the country by ending casteism. TSP was in leading in CAA/NRC movement and taken first initiative against anti-constitutional CAA/NRC. Party Headquarter in Maharashtra and many other regional state offices like Delhi, UP, Rajasthan, Gujarat Etc. were involved. Read More

Our Party Leaders

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1. Educating youth and inculcating among them rational and scientific thinking, broad social and national ethos and shared values, and greater respect for the laws and institutions, and promoting social work and community service culture in the community.

2. Analyzing social, political, economic, and policy environment and media coverage, which have a direct and indirect impact on the well-being of the communities, including its security, image, and opportunities; prepare responses to be taken up with the media, social, and political spectrum and the Government.

3. Dialogue with the Ministries and State Governments, media, political parties, and social and intellectual groups for sensitization and creating a better understanding.

4. the pupose of tipu sultan party is make country super power interms of economic and technological aspects.

5. Invest annually to fund a Youth Employment Strategy.


1. People from all across the country have joined us to make sure their voice is heard and to work together to create a country that works for the many, not the few.

2. We are a movement of members working to elect a Government that puts those shared values into action.

3. From local teams, right up to the National Executive Committee, Tipu Sultan Party is a volunteer-led organization.

4. The Tipu Sultan Party is made up of smaller networks operating in all the different regions of the country. Through th/em, you can get involved with the party in your local area.

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