About: DRx Hamid Raza (National President Pharmacy Wing):

  • He is a Social Activist, and Politician as a National President Pharmacy Wing Tipu Sultan Party.

  • He is always speakup for social justice and fight for rights, education Muslims and Dalits's
    Issues like a Islamophobia and Moblyinching etc.

  • Primary Education: Madarasa Darul Uloom Quadirya Raza Islam Pehar Utraula Balrampur.

  • Professional Education: D.Ph from Rajasthan University of Health science.

  • Profession: Pharmacist by Passion Politician and activists also like journalism.

  Office Address:
Rendwaliya Chhapiye Post Pehar Bazar,
Utraula Balrampur (Uttar Pradesh) 271604.